Mercer Physics Seminar Archive (Fall 1998 - Spring 2007)

Spring 2007

date speaker department title
W 4/25 Philip Olivier Electrical & Computer Engineering Coordinated Control of a 12 TET Robot
W 4/18 Student presentation -- Roland Everett Fall, Karl Heath Martin and D. W. Bo Broadwater: Ruben's Tube: Visualization of Standing Waves with Flames
W 4/11 Curtis Herink Mathematics Quantum Computing
W 3/28 Student presentation -- Joshua Kingsley: Myoelectric Motorized Dorsiflexive Prosthetic Foot
W 3/21 Student presentation -- Thomas Legare IV: Wireless Power Transmission through Evanescent Wave Coupling
W 2/28 Douglas Young Physics Laser Cooling of Atoms & Use of Animations in Teaching Physics
W 2/21 John Lee Physics A Brief Survey of Scanning and Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy
W 2/14 Randall Peters Physics Canonical Forms of Anharmonicity -- One Known, the Other Unknown
W 2/7 Journal Club: "The Early Days of Precision laser Spectroscopy," by Richard G. Brewer, Aram Mooradian, and Boris P. Stoicheff, Physics Today (Jan 2007); discussion led by John Lee.
W 1/31 Douglas Young Physics A Review of Plasma Propulsion Methods
W 1/24 Randall Peters Physics Laying Foundations of Science with Excel
W 1/17 John Lee Physics Study of Nonlinearities in High-Temperature Superconductors

Fall 2006

date speaker department title
W 12/6 Student presentation -- Thomas Legare IV and Kyle Suddreth: The convergence of Physics and Archeology: The physics and utility of a Fluxgate Magnetometer
W 11/29 Student presentation -- John Elliott McCrary: Building a Gas Turbine from an Ordinary Turbocharger for Turbo Machinery Lab
W 11/15 Student presentation -- Thomas Legare IV:  Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor Technnology
W 11/8 Matthew Marone Physics Early Experiments in Electricity and Magnetism
W 11/1 Craig Byron Biology Mechanobiology of Cranial Suture Waveform
W 10/25 Martin Zhao  Computer Science Finite Element Simulation of Creep Buckling of CIPP Liners
W 10/18 Journal Club: "Spacetime and Euclidean Geometry," by Dieter Brill and Ted Jacobson, Gen.Rel.Grav. 38 (2006) 643-651; discussion led by Jose Balduz.
W 9/27 Journal Club: "The Stability of the Bicycle," by David E. H. Jones, Physics Today (Sep 2006); discussion led by John Lee.
W 9/20 John Lee Physics From tops to phase sensitive pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometers
W 9/13 John Lee Physics RF Back to Basics: Power Measurements (provided by Agilent Technologies online)
W 9/6 Douglas Young Physics Tools for Managing the Information Explosion
W 8/30 Randall Peters Physics State-of-the-Art Digital Seismograph

Fall 2005 & Spring 2006

date speaker department title
 F 3/17 Douglas Young Physics Computer Users Of The World Unite! Open source software solutions for the masses.
 F 9/9 Randall Peters Physics Some Physics of Hurricanes

Summer 2005

date speaker department title
T 7/19 Jose Balduz Physics Quantum Observer and Spacetime Hierarchies and Causal Sets, Hypergraphs and Cosmology
M 7/18 Dillon F. Scofield Oklahoma State University Physics & ApplSci Inc. Quantum Dynamical Manifolds
M 7/18 Rod Armour Physics Lorentz Covariance of the Maxwell Equations

Spring 2005

date speaker department title
W 4/27 Student presentation -- Samson Alva on "Applying Quantum Mechanics on Simple Graphs"
W 4/20 Student presentation -- Laura Lucas on "Common Algorithms in Physics and Operations Research"
W 4/13 Student presentation -- Tim Born on "The Math behind the Tuning of a French Horn"
W 4/6 Student Honors Project presentation -- Laura Lucas on "Standing wave patterns on Chladni plates"
W 3/23 Douglas Young Physics The History and Science of Auroras
W 3/16 Paul Lewis Christianity Prospects for Natural Law in a Chaotic Universe
W 2/23 Jeff Denny Mathematics Cooling Math Offices in Ware Hall
W 2/16 Bruce Dod Physics Sympathetic Vibratory Physics and other Pseudo-Sciences
W 2/9 Randall Peters Physics Detailed Experimental Study of two heat Engines (Use of Classical Mechanics to better understand Thermodynamics)
W 2/2 Douglas Young Physics Antimatter Containment
W 1/26 Jose Balduz Physics The Graph Laplacian as a Tool for Network Resistance and Discrete Space Distance
 1/19 Randall Peters Physics Some Mathematical Foundations of Deterministic Chaos in Physics

Fall 2004

date speaker department title
W 12/1 Student presentations -- Jeremy Blalock on "Getting There: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Our Galaxy," about methods of propulsion for launch into space and cruising in space; and William Clearman on "Friction Stir Welding Applications in Aerospace."
W 11/17 Student presentations -- Tim Born on "The Math Behind Musical Temperament;" and Richard Davis on "Metaphysics: The Jurisdiction of Science," addressing the question of the scope of the sphere in which scientific investigation operates and the unanswered questions posed by elements outside of its range.
W 11/10 Student presentation -- Laura Lucas on "Kinesiology: The Human Machine."
Journal Club: "Friction at the Mesoscale,"
Contemporary Physics, Vol. 45, No. 6, pp 475-490 (2004)
W 11/3 Randall Peters Physics Seismic Instrument Evolution with a Focus on Applied Physics
W 10/13 Jose Balduz Physics Modeling Space with Simple Graphs
W 9/29 Claes Fredriksson Environmental Science The Physics and Biology of a Biomaterials Sensor
W 9/22 Bruce Dod Physics Meteorites and their Impacts: an Introduction to Past and Impending Disasters
W 9/8 Carolyn Yackel Mathematics The Permutahedron or What I did on My Summer Vacation
W 9/1 Matt Marone Physics In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Experiment for Mars Exploration (What I did on my summer vacation)
W 8/25 Randall Peters Physics Debunking the Linear Damping Model for Mechanical Harmonic Oscillators

Spring 2004

date speaker department title
W 4/21 Rod Armour Physics Is Matter a Form of Light? Spin-1/2 Maxwell Fields and the Unification of Electromagnetic and Matter Waves
W 4/14 student presentation - Cassie Carlton:  How Cell Phones Work
W 4/7 Jose Balduz Physics Density Functional Theory
W 3/24 Matt Marone Physics Newton's Theory of Colors
W 3/17 student presentation - Cassie Carlton:  How Plasma Screens Work
W 3/3 Caryn Seney Chemistry Opening the Black Box: A New Perspective on Modular Instrument Design
W 2/25 Douglas Young Physics Student Misconceptions About Resistive Circuits
W 2/18 Douglas Young Physics Student Understanding of Mechanical Waves
W 2/11

Journal Club:   "Report of the American Physical Society Study Group on
 Boost-Phase Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense. (July 2003)."

W 2/4 Rollin S. Armour, Sr. Christianity
Cosmologies Ancient and Modern
W 1/28 Bruce Dod Physics Palynostratigraphy - Rock Age Determination Using Fossil Pollens and Spores
W 1/21 Journal Club:  Stochastic Resonance
W 1/14 Randall Peters Physics Sophisticated Spreadsheet Digital Data Processing

Fall 2003

date speaker department title
W 12/3 student presentations - Heather Hubble:  Magnetic Target Fusion  and
  Samson Alva:  A New Approach to the Game of Life
W 11/19 Douglas Young Physics  Magnetrons
W 11/12 Journal Club:  Faster-than-light speeds, tachyons, and the possibility of tachyonic neutrinos
W 10/29 Jose Balduz Physics Soccer Ball-Shaped Universe (!?) ... and other cosmic tales
W 10/22 Douglas Young and
Bruce Dod
Physics Some ideas for teaching in the physical sciences
W 10/15 Loren Sumner Mechanical Engineering Some general concepts in fluid mechanics for single-phase-fluid flow
W 10/1 Douglas Young Physics Simultaneity in Einsteinís Special Theory of Relativity:
 An Analysis of the Train/Embankment Thought Experiment
W 9/24 student presentation - Heather Hubble:  Fun with Fusion Reactors
W 9/17 student presentation - Samson Alva:  Building an Efficient Diode-pumped Nd:YAG Laser
W 9/10 Journal Club:  Reinterpreting the famous train/embankment experiment of relativity
W 9/3 Randall Peters Physics Friction, friction everywhere but in our understanding!
W 8/27 Douglas Young Physics A Tour of Redhat Linux

Spring 2003

date speaker department title
W 4/23 student presentation - Heather Hubble:  Transport of Organic Molecules Through Liposome Layers
W 4/16 student presentation - Bayard Stringer:  Alternative Methods of Rocket Propulsion
W 4/9 Jeff Denny and Carolyn Yackel Mathematics Teaching with WebWork
W 3/26 Douglas Young Physics Open Magnetic Traps
W 3/5 Philip Olivier Electrical and Computer Engineering A Hidden Physicist: The benefits of a BS in Physics
W 2/26 student presentation - Bayard Stringer:  The Solar Neutrino Puzzle and Its Solution
W 2/19 student presentation - Heather Hubble:  The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
W 2/12 Randy Spaid Secondary and Science Education Disparate Approaches to Learning Physics: Understanding Student Engagement
W 2/5 David Crowley Biology Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy: 
Understanding current issues in modern genetics
W 1/29 Jose Balduz Physics Quantum Strangeness Part 2: Solutions?
W 1/22 Jose Balduz Physics Quantum Strangeness Part 1: The Problem
W 1/15 Randall Peters Physics

The Butterfly and the Bumblebee 
(Is harmonic oscillation ever really simple?)

Fall 2002

date speaker department title
W 12/4 student presentations: Armor-piercing Ammunition | Strain Gauges | Organic Thin Film Transistors
W 11/20 student presentation - Jessica Kennedy:  Nikola Tesla, Neurotic Genius?
W 11/13 student presentations: Fuel Cell Technology | Introduction to Numerical Methods
W 10/30 James Arruda Psychology The P2 visual evoked potential and the diagnosis of probable
Alzheimer's dementia: A psychometric study.
W 10/23 Andrew Pounds Chemistry Navigating in Hyperspace
W 10/16 Bruce Dod Physics Meteorite Analyses Using the Electron Microprobe
W 10/2 student-led discussions: Hydro-forging Metals | The Arrow of Time
W 9/25 student-led discussions: Diamond Semiconductors | Carbon Nanotubes
W 9/18 student-led discussions: The Higgs Particle | Quantum Computing
W 9/11 Loren Sumner Mechanical
Thin-film analysis of the return flow and resulting interface shape of a thermocapillary-driven nonwetting droplet
W 9/4 David Nelson Mathematics To Infinity and Beyond
W 8/28 Randall Peters Physics Foundations and Frontiers of Damping Physics

Spring 2002

date speaker department title
W 3/20 Douglas Young Physics Magnetic Traps
W 3/6 Matt Marone Physics Light Emitting Diodes - Physics and Applications
 (Why is Blue so important anyway?)
W 2/13 Eddie Thomas Philosophy The Spider, the Ant, and the Bee - Situating the Rationalism/Empiricism Debate Within the History of Science
F 2/8 Dale Moore Chemistry The Unusually Intense Photoluminescence of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
W 1/30 Jeff Denny Mathematics PISEMA Powder Patterns and PISA Wheels
W 1/23 Jose Balduz Physics Quantum Computing and Shor's Algorithm
W 1/16 Randall Peters Physics The Thermomechanics of the Stirling Engine

Fall 2001

date speaker department title
W 11/28 Greg Domin Political Science Missile Defense in the 21st Century: Threat, Cost, and Effectiveness
W 10/24 Tony Weathers Mathematics Introduction to Dynamo Theory
W 10/17 Matthew Marone Physics Spintronics and Hard Disks
W 10/10 Jose Balduz Physics Unification of Physics and the Standard Model
W 10/3 Douglas Young Physics High Power Microwave Generation in a Backward Wave Oscillator with a Central Conductor
F 9/28 Bruce Dod Physics Meteoritic Evidence Leading to Dinosaur Demise Theory
W 9/19 Loren Sumner Mechanical
Core-film Flow in Microchannels
W 9/5 Randall Peters Physics Creep-enhanced Seismic Sensing
W 8/29 Douglas Young Physics Introduction to SigmaPLot and MAPLE

Spring 2001

date speaker department title
W 4/11 Randall Peters Physics The Physics of Whirling Tubes
W 3/21 Jose Balduz Physics Kinematics of the Non-Local Spacetime Web
W 3/7 Rod Armour Physics The Return of the Aether! (Conclusion)
W 2/21 Rod Armour Physics The Return of the Aether!
W 2/14 Matt Marone Physics The Physics of Ground Fault Interrupters
(How to save your life for less than $5.00)
W 1/31 Clayton Paul Electrical and
Computer Engineering
Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Solution of the
Transmission Line Equations for High-Speed Interconnect Design
W 1/17 Douglas Young Physics Nuclear Fusion: Devices and Difficulties
W 1/10 Randall Peters Physics Some of My Favorite Physics Demos

Fall 2000

date speaker department title
W 12/6 Randall Peters Physics The Incessant Hum of Planet Earth
W 11/29 Matt Marone Physics Java Applets in Physics Education (WSC Room 103)
W 11/15 Loren Sumner Mechanical Engineering Open Channel Flow 101 (Room 117, Engineering Bldg)
W 11/1 Randall Peters Physics Phonons and Nonlinearity
W 10/25 Peter Ozimba Physics Regge Pole Renormalization of Relative Electron
Differential Cross Section (Continued)
W 10/18 Peter Ozimba Physics Regge Pole Renormalization of Relative Electron
Differential Cross Section
W 10/11 Douglas Young Physics Physics Education Research
W 10/4 Randall Peters Physics New Window on the Solid Earth (Continued)
W 9/20 Randall Peters Physics New Window on the Solid Earth
W 9/13 Jose Balduz Physics Additional Dimensions in Spacetime

Spring 2000

date speaker department title
4/19 Randall Peters Physics The Stirling Engine-Comparison of a Simple Theory with Experiment.
4/5 Bruce Dod Physics Palynostratigraphy of the Rico Formation - How To Find and Use Fossil Pollen and Spores To Determine the Age of a Paleozoic Rock Formation
3/15 Matt Marone Physics Hands-on Introduction to LabVIEW
3/1 Jose Balduz  Physics  More on Simple Predator-Prey Models
2/23 Randall Peters Physics Canonical Naivete--the universal assumption of viscous damping in
Simple Harmonic Oscillators
2/16 Diane Lynch Physics  Resonance Effects in Molecular Photoionization 
2/9 Randall Peters Physics  "Star Wars" Physics--examples from the U.S. Antisatellite Program during the 1980s
2/2 Douglas Young Physics  Vircators, Part II
1/24 Douglas Young Physics Vircators: Virtual Cathode Oscillators 
1/10 Bruce Dod Physics Summer at the South Pole: Mercer's Antarctica Expedition of 1993

Fall 1999

date speaker department title
11/30 Taha Yarahmad Physics The Uncertainty Principle
11/16 Loren Sumner Mechanical
The Development of Stability Analyses for a Thermocapillary Driven Flow
11/4 Andrew Pounds Chemistry Modifying the Laws of Dynamics to Suit Our Needs
10/26 Diane Lynch Physics Molecular Dynamics of H/Metal Systems
10/6 Randall Peters Physics Complexities of Some Otherwise Simple Harmonic Oscillators of Mechanical Type -- Shake-up of a Classical Foundation
9/28 Jose Balduz Physics Non-Local Spacetime Web, Part 2
9/22 Jose Balduz Physics Non-Local Spacetime Web
9/14 Douglas Young Physics MAGICal Simulation of a High Powered Microwave Source

Spring 1999

Fall 1998