Doug Young and Bruce Dod
Department of Physics
Mercer University

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Willet Science Center 101

"Teaching Resources for Introductory Physics," by Doug Young

The resources available to aid in teaching introductory physics have grown substantially over the past few years, particularly in teaching conceptual understanding. This talk will provide an overview of some of these teaching resources, and discuss the efficacy of these materials.

"Manufacturing Clouds in the Classroom," by Bruce Dod

Clouds can be produced several ways in nature. They can also be "manufactured" in the class environment by mimicking one of the mechanisms of nature. This demonstration illustrates the necessity of ALL the ingredients in order to produce sufficient numbers of droplets to produce a visible cloud ... and to cause it to dissipate when one of the variables is removed. This demonstration also sets up an opportunity for further study to see if the produced cloud can function as a cloud chamber to observe nuclear disintegration tracks. If not, then why not? 

Please join us for light refreshments outside WSC 109 at 4:15.

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