Mercer Physics Seminar Schedule Fall 2007 to Spring 2019

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The physics seminar is traditionally held on Wednesday at 4:30pm, in the Science & Engineering Building Auditorium (SEB 110), and is preceded by light refreshments at 4:15pm outside SEB 203. Past Seminar Archive (Fall 1998 - Spring 2007) Also see out the article on our seminar series from the Nov 11, 2004 Cluster!

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Spring 2014


date speaker department (Mercer U) title

W 4/23

Student presentation: Alan Westbay, "Darwin's Origin of Species"

W 4/16

Student presentation: Zhengyi Shen, "Special Relativity"

W 4/9

Student presentation: Drew Culpepper, "Watson, Crick, and the Ladder of Life"

W 2/26

Kevin M. Drace Biology

The Complicated World of Artisanal Gold Mining

W 2/19

Matthew Marone Physics

Advances in Electron Microscopy
co-presenter Michael Boykin, Marine Reef Inc.

W 2/5

Martin Q. Zhao Computer Science

Tao Teh Ching and Numbers in Traditional Chinese Culture

W 1/15

Brian E. Rood International and Global Studies

Techniques and Strategies in Paleoreconstructions of
Lake Sediment and Wetland Soils


Behnam Kamali

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Development and Evolution of Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications Systems: AeroMACS
(postponed due to winter storm)


Spring 2013


date speaker department (Mercer U) title
W 3/27 Dale Moore Chemistry Elusive Green: Conducting Polymers and Some Current Research on Polypyrrole
W 2/27 Brian Rood International and Global Studies

Lakes and Oceans - Thermal Density Gradients, Seiches, and El Niņo Southern Oscillation

W 2/20 Carolyn Yackel Mathematics Fun, Flexagons, and Algebra, Pick Two
W 2/6 Keith Howard Mathematics Image Compression via Wavelet Transforms
W 1/16 Randall Peters Physics Benefits of Research Team Synergy

Spring 2012

Spring 2011


date speaker department (Mercer U) title
W 4/27 Student presentation -- Kase Jameson:  "Visible Light Communications”
W 4/20 Paul MacNeil Software Engineering

Computational Intelligence: Scratching the Surface.
A Brief Survey of Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Nets

W 4/13 Student presentation -- Charles Mood: "A Computational Model of a Wave Chaotic Microwave Resonance Cavity."
W 3/30 Student presentation -- Alan Westbay and Jason Kamczyc: "Undergraduate Engineering Honors Research."
W 3/23 Student presentation -- Marc Erickson and Louis McNamara: "Tidal Force Asymmetry."
W 3/16 John Lee Physics Research with Undergraduates at Mercer
W 3/2 Wade Shaw School of Engineering Design Synthesis Using Meta-Modeling
W 2/23 Matthew Marone Physics Using Starry Night Software in Introductory Astronomy
W 2/16 Ha Van Ho Biomedical Engineering Determining Proper Size of an Endoprosthesis for Total Ankle Replacement Using Finite Element Analysis
W 2/9 Randall Peters Physics Physics Education using Smartphone Sensors
W 2/2 Journal Club: "Contact in an expanding universe: an instructive exercise in dynamic geometry," by Seth Zimmerman, Eur. J. Phys. 31 (2010) 1377-1389; discussion led by Jose Balduz.
W 1/26 Randall Peters Physics Another example of interdisciplinary research - that reveals widespread misunderstanding of the frequency domain
W 1/19 Randall Peters Physics Activities of a physicist and two cardiac practitioners - an example of interdisciplinary research rewards

Spring 2010

date speaker department (Mercer U) title
W 4/28 Andy Pounds Chemistry and
Computer Science
Computer Data Structures for Parallel
Molecular Dynamics Calculations
W 4/7 Student presentation -- Marc Erickson: Wireless Energy, Tesla's Dream
W 3/31 Randall Peters Physics The Complex Interface between Stable and Critical State Dynamics
W 3/24 Student presentation -- Bo Broadwater: Google Tools for Students and Teachers
W 3/17 Student presentation -- Charles Mood: The Mathematics and Science of Ancient Greece
W 2/24  Loren Sumner  Mechanical Engineering Dynamical Analysis to Lubrication Theory
W 2/17 Mike Russell  Medical School  Multidisciplinary approach to cardiac monitoring using low-frequency Accelerometery 
W 2/10 Matthew Marone Physics Work by Ben Franklin that led to the Lightning Rod
W 2/3 Randall Peters Physics Damping Anharmonicity, Is It a Beckoning Physics Frontier?
W 1/27 John Lee Physics Introduction to Mathematica - Brief Overview of Features
W 1/20 Randall Peters Physics Pink Color of Seismic Noise in the Low Frequency Limit

Fall 2009

date speaker department (Mercer U) title
M 10/5 Philip McCreanor Environmental Engineering Municipal Solid Waste as an Energy Source
M 9/28 Carolyn Yackel Mathematics Classifying Pretty Thread Balls: Why Conway's Discrete Spherical Symmetry Groups Aren't Enough
M 9/21 John Lee Physics Nano-Positioning Sensor Invented at Mercer

Fall 2008 & Spring 2009

date speaker department (Mercer U) title
W 4/29 Student Research Presentation -- Marc Erickson, Kase Jameson and Charles Mood describe their work with John Lee of the Physics Department: "Development of a Low-Cost Microwave System for Education and Research in Material Science, Biology and Chemistry."
W 11/19 Jose Balduz Physics Summer Graphity, Three Flavors

Spring 2008

date speaker department (Mercer U) title
W 4/23 Student presentation -- Travis Gibson: Newton - The Untold Story
W 4/9 Paul MacNeil Electrical &
Computer Engineering
Celestial Mechanics for Fun and Profit
W 3/12 Peter Brown Philosophy The Copernican Revolution: 
Scientific Hypothesis or Metaphysical Reality?
W 2/27 Student presentation -- Travis Gibson: The Physics Around Us
W 2/20 Creighton Rosental Philosophy Why Did the Church Have a Problem with Galileo?
W 1/30 Phil McCreanor  Biomedical & Environmental Engineering Integrated Solid Waste Management: Trends, Technologies, and Trade Offs
W 1/16 Randall Peters  Physics Abiding Influence of the Pendulum

Fall 2007

date speaker department (Mercer U) title
W 12/5 Student presentation -- Travis Gibson: The Physics of Superheroes
W 11/28 Hodge Jenkins Mechanical
& Industrial Engineering
Capstan Design and Control for Drawing Optical Fiber: A Case Study in Mechatronics Design
W 11/14 Randall Peters Physics Play-Time with Physics Simulations
W 11/7 Clayton Paul Electrical &
Computer Engineering
What is "Partial Inductance"?
W 10/31 Sinjae Hyun Biomedical &
Environmental Engineering
Computer Simulation of Human Vascular Problems. CFPD and VP in BIomedical Engineering
W 10/17 Loren Sumner and Joshua Gibson Mechanical
& Industrial Engineering
Investigation of the non-wetting potential of a droplet in a narrow channel with a gaseous passing flow
W 10/10 Randall Peters Physics

The Fast Fourier Transform. Use of Excel to Demonstrate its Power and Idiosyncrasies 

W 10/3 Matthew Marone Physics Spotlight on the Astronomy Club at Mercer
W 9/19 John Lee Physics Cloaking Made Possible?
W 9/12 Douglas Young Physics Calculating the Entire Magnetic Field of a Solenoid: An Application of Open Source Tools for Scientific Computing
W 9/5 Jose Balduz Physics Causal Sets, Graphs and the Planck Scale Mirage
W 8/29 Randall Peters Physics Study of the Spectral Evolution of Earthquakes with a New Frequency Domain Tool, the Cumulative Spectral Power

Past Seminar Archive (Fall 1998 - Spring 2007)