Bruce E. Dod
Department of Physics
Mercer University

Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Willet Science Center 101

"Palynostratigraphy - 
Rock Age Determination Using Fossil Pollens and Spores"

Abstract:  For years there was debate on the age of the Rico Formation in Southeast Utah.  Several studies of the rock strata (starting in the late 1800’s) using macrofossils had conflicting results.  Some had the age as Permian while others found it to be Pennsylvanian. Research (done by the presenter in 1970) was able to resolve the problem using PALYNOLOGY…the study of fossil pollens and spores.  Discussion will cover the geology of the area, techniques for sample collecting and extracting fossil palynomorphs from the rock samples,  taxonomy of palynomorphs, data analyses, and conclusions.

Please join us for light refreshments outside WSC 109 at 4:15.

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