A Baseball Expert
gave a lecture on January 22, 1999, titled:
"The Physics of Baseball"
to Mercer University and the Macon community.
Dr. Robert Adair, Sterling Emeritus Professor of Physics*, Yale University
* (and Physicist to the National League 1987-1989)
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The media was out in force, deservedly so, since 
even George Bush is one of Bob's fans.
Bob discusses his book, The Physics of Baseball *, with Dr. Matt Marone. 
* ISBN 0-06-095047-1 : HarperPerennial (1994, 2nd ed.)
Not surprisingly, many of the Mercer baseball team were in attendance.
Bob was presented with a Mercer baseball cap by 
Barry Myers, coach of the baseball team.
A moment of levity with a student who wanted her book autographed: