Matthew J Marone
Department of Physics
 Mercer University

Wednesday, October 17, 2001
Willet Science Center 109

“Spintronics and Hard Disks” 

Abstract: “Electrons have spin as well as charge, and this may make all the difference in future electronics”.  This statement by Gary Prinz of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, is at the heart of the new science of spintronics. Many see spintronics as providing the next generation of electronic devices. Sound futuristic?  If you own a hard disk made in the last five years, with a capacity of 1Gb or more, then you probably have a spintronic device.   Giant magnetoresistive (GMR) heads are now standard equipment in hard drives.  GMR heads are spin sensitive devices also  know as spin valves. The operation of these devices will be discussed and demonstrated.  This talk, is presented with the hope of revealing the “physics of everyday life”.

Please join us for light refreshments at 4:15.