Douglas T. Young
Department of Physics
Mercer University

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Willet Science Center 101

"Open Magnetic Traps"

Abstract:  The containment of ionized gasses, or plasmas, using magnetic fields, has long been a goal in the study plasmas. The devices used to contain plasmas with magnetic fields fall into two categories: open traps and closed traps. Closed traps are used primarily to produce nuclear fusion reactions in an attempt to develop a new source of energy. Open traps were also originally designed for fusion, but have since been used in other applications. In this talk, some of these additional applications of open traps will be discussed. In addition, some of the problems in open trap confinement will also be discussed and illustrated using computer simulations of these devices....

Please join us for light refreshments outside WSC 109 at 4:15.

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