Mercer University Physics and Earth Sciences,
along with the National Endowment for the Humanities, hosted
Dr. Charles Townes, Nobel Laureate
on 19 March 1999
The title of his Lecture in Willingham Hall was
"Logic and Uncertainty in Science and Religion".
Some students of PHY171 get their picture taken with our guests and our department chair.  From left to right: Ken Kennedy, Akshay Patel, Kamrin Landrem, Dr. Townes, Erleaka Woodard, Mrs. Townes, Michael Early, Jeannie Smith, Wendy Joyner, Travis Konzelman, and Dr. Peters.
Dr. and Mrs. Townes spend the day at Mercer...
... providing an autograph and a few words of wisdom to a physics major... ... telling some history of the military surplus microwave equipment which assisted his maser work... ... at Lee Alumni House, greeting Peggy Dubose as Joanna Watson looks on... ... greeting Hope McIlwain (Matt Marone and Bruce Dod are in the background.)...
... looking at the painting of the "Mercer Spires" which was given to them by the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences (Doug Young and Jose Balduz stand in the doorway.)... mingling...  and having lunch at Lee Alumni House.