Mercer Physics Lab Manual

PHY 141 Introductory Physics I
PHY 161 General Physics I

Lab report guidelines

Lab Instructions (pdf) Data Tables Other Files Alternate Versions
Vector Analysis   Graph Pages (xls)  | 
graphA(pdf) | graphB(pdf) |
graphC(pdf) | graphD(pdf)
Worksheet (Balduz)
Error Analysis: Density Measurement Data Table (doc)   Calculator (xls) Instructions (Balduz) |
Outline (Balduz)  | 
Data Table XL (Balduz)
Linear Kinematics Data Table (doc)     Outline(Balduz)  | 
Calculations(Balduz)  | 
Data Table XL(Balduz)
Projectile Motion Data Table (doc) Calculator (xls) 
Calculator (win98, xls)
Newton's Second Law Data Table (doc)    
Energy Conservation Data Table (doc)
DataTable (xls)
Elastic Energy (Marone)     Worksheet (Balduz)
Linear Momentum Data Table (xls)    
Hydrostatics Data Table (doc)  Calculator (xls)   
A Survey of Thermodynamics Data Table (doc)    
Static Equilibrium Data Table (doc)    
Moment of Inertia and Rotational Energy Data Table (xls)     
Angular Momentum Data Table (xls)     
Periodic Motion Data Table (doc) Calculator (xls)   
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