Mercer Physics Curriculum

Representative Syllabi

PHY 108 Ancient Chinese Science
and Technology
PHY 115 Descriptive Astronomy Marone(s17) 
PHY 141 Introductory Physics I Balduz(s12) | Sams(f16) | DeSilva(f16) | DeSilva(s17)PRISM | Lee(s17) | Marone(s17)    
PHY 142 Introductory Physics II DeSilva(f14) | Balduz(s15) | Lee(s17) 
PHY 161 General Physics I Balduz(s16)DeSilva(f16) | Lee(f16) | Marone(s17) | Pokharel(s17) | Sams(s17) 
PHY 162 General Physics II Lee(f13) | Marone(f15)  |  Pokharel(f16) | Balduz(s17) | DeSilva(s17) 
PHY 198 Special Introductory
Topics in Physics
Physics Fundamentals:  Balduz(f13)   
PHY 300 Physics Seminar Balduz(s02)Lee(s07) | Marone(s14)Sams(s17)  
PHY 305 (Modern Physics I) Early Quantum Theory and Its Applications Marone(f14) | Balduz(f16)  
PHY 306 (Modern Physics II) Relativity, Particle Physics and Cosmology Balduz(s17) 
PHY 320 Topics in Physics Complex Networks:  Hollingshad(s14)   
Mysteries of DNA:  DeSilva(s15) 
Intro to Scientific Modeling with Mathematica©:  Lee(s16)
Intro to Quantum Computing:  Balduz(s17) 
PHY 330 Thermal Physics Balduz(s04) | Lee(f16)     
PHY 335 Solid State Devices Lee(s10)    
PHY 340 Analytical Mechanics Lee(f13) | Sams(s17)    
PHY 355 Electromagnetic Theory Lee(s09) | Balduz(f12)  
PHY 365 Mathematical Physics Balduz(s10)   
PHY 370 Experimental Physics Marone(f16)  
PHY 385 Computational Physics Lee(f10)   
PHY 420 Advanced
Topics in Physics
Cosmology:  Balduz(s01) 
Solid State Physics & Devices:  Marone(s02) 
Advanced Quantum Mechanics:  Balduz(s04) 
Quantum Computation:  Balduz(f11)
Intro to Scientific Modeling with Mathematica©:  Lee(f12)
The DNA Double Helix:  DeSilva(s13) 
PHY 450 Quantum Mechanics Balduz(s14)   
PHY 460 Research in Physics Marone(s08) | Balduz(f13) |  DeSilva(s16)