PHY 460: Research In Physics Spring 2008


Text: No required text.

Instructor: Dr. Matt Marone Room 243 Science and Engineering Building

                  Phone 301-2597, e-mail:

Office Hours:  By appointment or you may email me your questions.

Meeting Time:  TBA, SEB 115 Experimental Physics Lab

Prerequisite: Phy 162



     The purpose of this research will be the development of a wireless data link for archaeological field work.  We have several instruments that are used for remote sensing.  We have to record the data by hand and enter it into a computer or processing.  We intend to build a module that will enable our resistivity meter and magnetometer to transmit data wirelessly to a laptop computer.  The range of this device should be about 100m outdoors.



 A (90 and above), B+ (85-89), B (80-84), C+ (75-79), C (70-74), D (60-69) F (below 60)


Your Final class grade will be derived from the following percentages

                Progress report (every 2 weeks) 10%

A well documented research notebook 20%

Midterm Report 20%

            Final Report 30%

Final Seminar 20%




 Lab. Notebook and Documentation:

     Keeping an accurate laboratory notebook is very important in experimental work.  You must document all your experiments, circuits and programs.  Even the things that do not work should be written down for future reference.  Should you come up with a new idea or invention, the documentation will be especially important in establishing rights to your invention.  Please purchase a laboratory notebook.  The Bookstore has a large supply of notebooks that are used for chemistry classes.  Notebooks should be bound and have numbered pages.  Spaces should be available for signatures, dates and witnesses.  Remember that 20% of your grade will come from you ability to keep a good notebook.



Progress report:

    Every two weeks I expect a progress report showing the objectives that we discussed and how we are meeting those objectives.  Goals for the following two weeks will be included.  Problems and proposed solutions should be discussed in your report.



Midterm Report:

     The midterm report will be a formal progress report that is not simply a compilation of all your progress report.  This report will be more like the formal lab reports written in Experimental Physics 370.  I will discuss the details at a latter date.


Final Presentation:

     A final presentation is required.  Your presentation will consist of a written portion (30%) and an oral presentation (20%).  The oral presentation will be part of the Physics Seminar sequence.


Honor code: You are bound by the Mercer honor code. The College’s academic misconduct policy will be followed.  All work, for which a grade is received, must be the original work of the student without aid or assistance of another party, or any printed and or electronic data/information. Academic misconduct cases will be referred to the honor council and the student will automatically receive a grade of incomplete (IC) pending a ruling by the honor council. 


Cell Phone and Pager Usage: Out of courtesy for all those participating in the learning experience, all cell phones and pagers must be turned off before entering any classroom, lab, or formal academic or performance event

Classroom etiquette: You are expected to conduct yourself as a mature student, respectful of your classmates and instructor.  You may be asked to leave the room if your behavior is disturbing the instructor or your fellow students.

Documented Disability Statement:

Students with a documented disability should inform the instructor at the close of the first class meeting.  The instructor will refer you to the office of Student Support Services (SSS) for consultation regarding evaluation, documentation of your disability, and recommendations for accommodation, if needed.  Students will receive from SSS the Faculty Accommodation Form.  On this form SSS will identify reasonable accommodations for this class.  The form must be given to the course instructor for signature and then returned to SSS.


To take full advantage of disability services, it is recommended that students contact the Office of Student Support Services, immediately.  The office is located on the third floor of the Connell Student Center.


Important Dates:



Martin Luther King:      21 January
Spring Break:             3-7 March 

Good Friday:                 21 March
Last Day of Class          25 April