Physics Curriculum 1998-99
Mercer University Department of Physics and Earth Sciences
Students entering before Fall 1999 may choose to abide by this summary of the Bulletin entry.
Non-technical courses:
These may be entirely non-mathematical, or may require basic algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
Introductory courses:
These have some mathematics pre-requisite, and serve to introduce students to all other physics.
Advanced courses:
These are mostly, but not entirely, for physics majors. They have at least calculus, and usually calculus-based introductory physics as pre-requisite.
Code Title Credits (class)Hours Pre-requisites
Non-technical courses: No math required.
PHY-103  Acoustical Found. Music  2(8wks)  lecture, lab 
ESC-115  Descriptive Astronomy  4 lecture, lab 
Introductory courses: Some math required.
PHY-150  Intro. Physics I  lecture(4), lab(3)  MAT-133
PHY-151  Intro. Physics II  lecture(4), lab(3)  MAT-133
PHY-170  General Physics I  lecture(4), lab(3)  MAT-171f or 191f
PHY-171  General Physics II  3(9wks)  lecture(4), lab(3)  PHY-170, MAT-172f or 192f
PHY-172  General Physics III  2(6wks)  lecture(4), lab(3)  PHY-170, MAT-192f
Advanced courses: At least Calculus required.
PHY-270  Math. Meth. Phys. Sc. I  lecture  MAT-191/192
PHY-271  Math. Meth. Phys. Sc. II  lecture  PHY-270
PHY-300  Physics Seminar  1/2(max 2)  seminar(1)  junior or senior status
PHY-305  Modern Physics I  lecture  PHY-171/172
PHY-306  Modern Physics II  lecture  PHY-305
PHY-310  Optics and Spectroscopy  lecture, lab?  PHY-172, MAT-192
PHY-330  Statistical Mechanics  lecture  PHY-271, 306
PHY-340  Analytical Mechanics  lecture  PHY-170, 271
PHY-370  Experimental Physics  lecture?, lab  PHY-306
PHY-390  Health Physics I  lecture, lab  PHY-170/171
PHY-391  Health Physics II  lecture, lab  PHY-390
PHY-420  Sel. Top. Phys.(Subtitle)  1-4(max 8)  lecture, lab  determined by instructor
PHY-440  Electromagnetic Theory  lecture  PHY-171/172, 271
PHY-450  Intro. Quantum Mechanics  lecture  PHY-271, 306
PHY-460  Research in Physics  1-3(max 6)  research  consent of research advisor
(f)These are co-requisite.

Degree requirements

Minor in Physics:
At least 18 semester hours in physics: PHY-170/171/172, 305/306, and 370.
Bachelor of Arts in Physics:
At least 29 semester hours in physics: PHY-170/171/172, 270, 300(twice), 305/306, 310, 340, and 370; plus MAT-191/192. Successful completion of senior comprehensive examination.
Bachelor of Science in Physics:
At least 38 semester hours in physics: PHY-170/171/172, 270/271, 300(twice), 305/306, 330, 340, 370, 440, and 450; plus MAT-191/192 and CHM-111/112. Successful completion of senior comprehensive examination.
Departmental Honors:
Grade point average within the department of at least 3.25, and satisfactory completion of a research project, including preparation of a paper suitable for publication or presentation at an appropriate scientific meeting.