Non-adjustable Kater Pendulum

Mercer University Physics

Theoretical considerations

A paper similar to the one that was published in The Physics Teacher (Oct 1999).

Experiment Description for the TEL-Atomic Kater Pendulum

With a non-adjustable Kater pendulum in which the periods about the two axes have been made almost equal, one can simply measure the Earth's gravitational field (g) to 1 part in 10 thousand.  

Students doing this project will learn a variety of techniques for measuring the acceleration of gravity with greater precision than is possible by conventional means.  For example, a Lissajous technique may be employed.--c.f. R. Peters, "Automated Kater Pendulum", Eur. J. Phys. 18, 217-221 (1997).

Last update:  2 Aug. 1999

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