Table of Contents

Mechanics:  Force and Motion
Monkey in a Tree Water Rockets
Static Equilibrium:  Torque Balance Bed of Nails
Mechanics:  Linear Momentum
Newton's Cradle Human Collision Carts
Happy and Unhappy Balls  
Mechanics:  Work and Energy
Loop-the-Loop Kinetic/Gravitational Potential Energy Track
Work and the Gravitational Force  
Rotational Mechanics
Moment of Inertia:  Hoop and Disk Human Gyroscope
Centripetal Force Apparatus Moment of Inertia:  Solid and Hollow Rods
Model Combinations of Translational and Rotational Motion  
Fluid Mechanics
Venturi Tube Pascal's Law Demonstration
Aspirator Model Weight of Air Modeling
Equilibrium Tubes  
Ball and Ring Apparatus Stirling Engine
Steam Engine Calorimeter
Waves:  Mechanical Oscillations
Coupled Pendulum Longitudinal Wave Apparatus
Waves:  Sound
The Doppler Shift Apparatus Soda Bottle Resonance Demonstrator
Van de Graff Generator Electroscope
Parallel Plate Capacitor Kelvin Water Drop Apparatus
Circuits and Circuit Elements
Electrical Power Distribution Identification of Circuit Elements
Magnetic Marbles  
Lenz's Law Demonstrator  
Light and Optics
Parabolic Reflectors  
Modern Physics
Model Fuel Cell Apparatus  

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All diagrams, figures etc. included in these documents were created by Jessica Kennedy, Junior Year Physics Major 2002.

2002 Department of Physics, College of Liberal Arts, Mercer University. All rights reserved.