Mercer Physics: Some of Our Favorite Links

American Institute of Physics (AIP)
American Physical Society (APS)
American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
Centennial (1999) Meeting in Atlanta
Center for the History of Physics
Und Trends page
Physical Review Focus
Physics Today: Calendar, main page
Emilio Segrè Visual Archives
Division of Computational Physics
APS News Online
Topical Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
Chaos e-Print archive mirror
APS E-print home page
Employment Trends page
The Institute of Physics
Physics: Departments
Duquesne Universit Physics
Department of Physics - Loyola University New Orleans
U of Maryland, Dept of Physics
Physics at Montana State University-Bozeman
Indiana University Bloomington Department of Physics
Physics at the University of Virginia
Carnegie Mellon University - Department of Physics
Stetson Physics Dept
Department of Physics At MIT
Berkeley Physics
Physics Home Page - Clemson U.
Stony Brook Physics & Astronomy Department
UVic Physics and Astronomy
Wake Forest University Physics Department
Harvard University Department of Physics
University of Alabama Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
University of Georgia Dept of Physics and Astronomy
Wichita State University Physics
Pomona Department of Physics and Astronomy
Mississippi State epartment of Physics and Astronomy
Princeton University Physics
Physics: Other
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
PhysicsWeb Home Page
Fu-Kwun Hwang's Personal Home Page
PhysLINK - The Ultimate Physics Resource
TIPTOP: Welcome Page
Physical Sciences Resource Center
Werner Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle
Nonlinear Who-Is-Who
Virtual Laboratory: Thermodynamic Equilibrium

Best of the Web - Physics
Wolfram integrator
The Standard Model of Fundamental Particles...
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics
The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics - Physics, science, engineering reference, resource and education
How Things Work
Numerical Recipes Home Page
MIT Foundations links
The Science Lab - Physics resources
Physics: Online Journals
Physical Review Focus

Physical Review A
Physical Review D

Physical Review Letters
Reviews of Modern Physics
Physical Review Online Archive
Journal of Mathematical Physics
AIP online journals
APS Journals Online e-Print archive
Econophysics Forum
SIF - Publications: Journals
NJP- home
Il Nuovo Cimento
The European Physical Journal D
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Foundations of Physics
American Journal of Physics

The Physics Teacher
General Science
Society for Amateur Scientists
New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more
American Association for the Advancement of Science
National Science Foundation
National Geographic
Science Magazine

United States Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Geological Survey
American Geophysical Union
USGS Global Change Research Program
Global Warming
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Scientific American
The Amateur Scientist (Complete index)
SciAm Amateur Scientist
Space, Astronomy, & Cosmology
Cosmic Genesis and Fundamental Physics
Inner Space Outer/Space II
Palomar Observatory: Public Site
Caltech Astronomy: Home
JSC Home Page
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) Home Page
European Space Agency
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Homepage
NASA Homepage
Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page
Peter Garnavich Personal- Home page
Out of This World Exhibition
Dos XX Home Page
The Planetary Society
SKY Online - Your Astronomy Source
SOFIA Homepage - The latest in Airborne Astronomy
The History of Search of Black Holes
The Shapley - Curtis Debate in 1920
Greek Astronomy
The Brief History of Astronomy
The Development of Modern Astronomy
Physics 7: Relativity and Cosmology
Ancient Astronomy
Academia: Universities
College and University Home Pages
University of Pittsburgh
Kennedy-Western University

Community College of Allegheny County
University of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University
Augusta State University
California Institute of Technology
Elon College, North Carolina
New York University - NYU
The Union Institute home page
Pomona College
Tri-County Technical College
Princeton University
University Of the Virgin Islands
The UNU Homepage
Dublin City University
Northeastern University
Boston College
Harvard University: Academic programs
MIT: Search
Rochester Institute of Technology
The University of Georgia
Mississippi State University
Australian National University
Saint Mary's University
Academia: Other
The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle: Facts & figures: Enrollment by race

IMSS - Multimedia Catalogue - Biography Index
4000 Years of Women in Science
Marie Curie - Polish/French Physicist
Albert Einstein Online
Welcome to CUR
Oak Hall Cap & Gown
Institute for Advanced Study Natural Sciences
The Institute for Advanced Study
American Association of University Professors
Emilio Segrè Visual Archives
Peterson's: The Graduate School Channel
Galileo's Villa
Thoreau, Walden, and the Environment
School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian Naional U
New Caucus
MIT History / Philosophy links

Pitt Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Exploring Reli Home Page
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Jobs    APS (American Physical Society)  IoP (Institute of Physics) 
New Scientist  Science Magazine

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Book Publishers & Distributors
Hackett Publishing Company, publishers of works in the humanities
Oxbow Books / David Brown Book Company Website
Welcome to Routledge a member of the Taylor & Francis Group
Birkhäuser Verlag Basel: Homepage
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Prentice Hall
Perseus Publishing
Academic Press (
Elsevier Science
Jossey-Bass: Publishing to Promote Responsible Change
W.W. Norton
Plenum Publishing Corp. Web Site and Publications Catalog
Welcome to Springer
Welcome to TELOS
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publishers
The World's Largest Professional Book Clubs

Natural Science Book Club Home Page
Welcome to Bookspan
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academic publishers
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Publishing

National Academy Press - Catalog
University of Illinois Press Homepage
The Johns Hopkins University Press Home Page
University Press of America
The Association of American University Presses
Oxford University Press USA
NYU Press: Welcome
Cambridge University Press
Welcome to Harvard University Press Online
Mercer University
Welcome to Mercer University!

Mercer University Main Library Home Page
Welcome to The Mercer University Bookstore
Mercer University Bulletin

Mercer's WWW Graphics Library
Mercer Dining Services
Mercer University Style Guide
Mercer BearPort
Mercer University BearCat Main Menu
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The Alternative Dictionaries

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"Internet Society" (ISOC)
MediaINFO Links - Search Page
The MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics
The Weekly Standard
Foreign Affairs Magazine
REASON Online: Home of REASON Magazine
PC Magazine Online
Atlantic Unbound | The Atlantic Monthly
The Chronicle of Higher Education

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The New York Times

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NPR Online

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The Weather Channel - Home Page

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