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The Star of David

Autocorrelation Phase Portrait
Earthquake Early Warning Sensor Possibility
Autocorrelation and Causality
Old Seismometer, State-of-the-Art Electronics
Instrument for feasibility studies

of earthquake early warning predictions

State-of-the-art Extensometer
Diamagnetic seismometer possibility
Prediction of catastrophes: an experimental model
Soul Matters in Science
Tidal Force Asymmetry
Inductor Phasor Subtlety

Free-Oscillations Coincident with Earthquakes

Signal Peak-Tracker based on the Teager-Kaiser Energy (TKE) Operator
Amplitude Modulation Effects in Seismic Signals
The VolksMeter--State of the Art Digital Seismograph

Response of VolksMeter Seismograph (Hindmarsh Valley South Australia 2015)

Pink Color (1/f) of background

Seismic Noise

Ingenious amateur horizontal

seismometer for studying

earth's free oscillations

Pendulum studies

Pendulum theory applied

to Seismometry

(BSSA tutorial--for special

edition on Rotation)

Other research:
Relationship between

acceleration spectral density

of Seismology and

the physically meaningful (actual specific)

Power Spectral Density

Limitations of data-rate

seismic sensors

Tide studies with a Pendulum
New-style vertical seismometer
Example of earthquake evolution
Mouse sensor for

pendulum studies

(downloadable software

is on Dr. Lee's webpage)

Coupling of Microseisms

and Eigenmodes

Tidal Power and

Earth's Seismic Noise

Method to estimate Earth's

average total seismic power

Earthquakes, Aftershocks,

and Total Energy

Precursor warnings to

catastrophe (html version)

A new tool for Seismology--

the Cumulative Spectral Power

Compound pendulum to monitor

hurricanes and tropical storms

Seismometer design based

on a simple theory of

Noise equvalent power

Compton-energy scale of

friction quantization

Measurement of Earth's

Free-oscillations with

a Pendulum

Earth oscillations induced

by Hurricane Katrina

Hurricanes and Earth Hum
Correlation of Atmospheric

Pressure Fluctations and

Seismicity during Hurricane


Modernized conventional

Pendulum Seismometer

Hurricane Excitation of

Earth Eigenmodes

Mesoscale quantization and

Self-organized Stability

Improving seismometer performance

at low frequencies using

newly-discovered physics

Spice Modelling of the

Vilnius Chaotic Oscillator

Yo-yo Oscillator

Study of a nonlinear

oscillator using Spice

Mechanical Cardiography


(Sensor tutorial)

A broadband horizontal

seismometer using

the SDC sensor

Seismic studies
Some web papers:

Study of simple harmonic

oscillator resonance using a

compact Kater pendulum

Powerful software

for FFT pedagogy

Creep Enhanced Low Frequency

Seismometer Performance

Computerized Cavendish

balance by Tel-Atomic

Beyond the Linear Damping

Model for Mechanical

Harmonic Oscillators

Spreadsheet filtering by FFT

Gaussian-based Convolution

Postulated Mesoscale

Quantum ...

Folded pendulum

measurements of Earth's

Free Oscillations

Mesoscale Friction Study

using Nitinol

Friction as basis for a

Phonon Maser

Harmonic Oscillator


Monographs and Book Chapters:

Mechanical System Dynamics,

with an introduction

to Chaos & Complexity

(copyright 1995--TELAtomic, Inc.)

part I, part II, part III

Ruchhardt oscillator--

Thermodynamic basis for

hysteretic damping

The Flex-Pendulum--basis for

an improved Timepiece

(view as HTML)

Nonlinear damping of the

'linear' pendulum

(view as HTML)


chaotic oscillator

Graphical explanation for the

speed of the FFT

Period of the pendulum using

elementary mathematics

Anisotropic internal

friction damping

Internal friction with

more than one mechanism

Intuitive derivation of

Reynolds number

Model of internal friction

damping in solids

Toward a universal damping

model-modified Coulomb friction

A Novel Magnetometer
Bistability of a magnetometer

The Pendulum in the 21st Century--relic or trendsetter
Inexpensive Computer Acquisition and Processing System

(using the game port for A-to-D voltage conversion)

Stirling Engine-Refrigerator

(a good resource--James Senft)

Creep and Mechanical Oscillator Damping
Compound Bow
Kater Pendulum
Press. Sens. Calibr.
Soup-can pendulum
Soldier's Microph.:

(part 1, part 2)


Curriculum Vitae


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