Autocorrelation Analysis of Data From a Novel Tiltmeter

Randall D. Peters (1-478-301-2747; (Sponsor: Donald L. Turcotte)

Data from a novel tiltmeter, which is better suited to sensing the shape of the earth than usual instruments, is being studied primarily by means of autocorrelation.  Preliminary findings suggest that coherent oscillations borne of geocomplexity are to be seen roughly every other day.  These oscillations vary from short-lived long period types that are consistent with the known free-earth eigenmodes, to oscillations with much shorter periods, measured in tens of seconds.  Data from the tiltmeter are complemented by simultaneous recordings from a Sprengnether vertical seismometer that has been outfitted with a novel patented capacitive sensor.  Example results from a four month period will be provided.  Additionally, some modelling ideas will be provided, drawing parallels between the earth as a complex system and much small systems that exhibit catastrophe due to mesoanelasticity.

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